19 February, 2010

Things that work... (ongoing list)

RIGHT! My Puppy use has progressed to the next level (as in I am actually getting actual work done with it) consiquently, I have had less time available to BlaBlaBlog. As of now, the following programs have been found to work on my system:
  • Seamonkey-2.0-i486
  • gimp-2.4.0-rc3
  • pwidgets-2,0,8
  • dosbox-0.73-i486
  • sdl-1.2.9
  • DukeNukem3D_for_4.3.1 (Yeah Baby!)
  • intltool-0.40.6-i486
  • transmission-1.82-small
  • python-2.6.4-i386
  • imlib2-1.4.0
  • Pet_Maker-1.7-3-430
  • conky-1.7.2
  • roxpup-red
  • unrar-3.7.8
  • java-1.6u17
Peace Out!

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