25 February, 2010

Mount WHAT ??!!??

Right now the uninitiated is thinking, "what kind of sick freaks are these Linux dorks anyway?". But the act of mounting/un-mounting media (hard drives, CDroms, memory sticks, etc) is something alien to the Microsoft or Apple user having a go with Puppy - or most any Linux. Mounting is a time honored UNIX activity and while the same sort of operation is done in Win/Mac it is hidden and automatic. Here in the Puppy world you have two choices:
  1. REVEL IN THIS ARCANE TECHNICAL FIDDLING believing in your heart it makes you a better person. -my choice
  2. Enable auto-mounting via Menu-Desktop-Desktop Drive Icons Manager-Icon Handler-(checkbox 2). -the wimps way out
Here's a neat trick I discovered the hard way. Choose a hd or flash partition to unmount (not your boot!). Unmount it. In rox, navigate to /mnt/unmounteddrivedesignation and click on the unmounted drive in the rox window. What do you see? NOTHING! Now mount that partition and browse it again. MAGIC! All your data has returned. I learned this the hard way. For the longest time I couldn't understand why Puppy seemed to be selectively loosing my data. Yeah, I know: NOOOOOOOOB!!!

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