21 January, 2010

What color is your doghouse?

Puppy comes with a suite of utilities to help you customize your desktop experience. Allow me to get personal for a moment and show you my desktop du-jour.

These customizations require four tools under the DESKTOP menu item - let's explore these operations one-by-one.

Menu>Desktop>Nathan Wallpaper Setter
This utility opens a dialogue box listing a number of wallpapers that came pre-bundled with your Puppy Live CD. Initially your wallpaper is set to "default.jpg" (original huh? figure the odds). The interface is not unlike windows and anyone above a guy on disability who uses his eMachine to play blackjack all day long should be able to navigate it with little trouble. Notice the file path shown as a string of buttons at the top and as a path string at the bottom. You might expect to find these images in /root/my-documents but instead the powers that be put the wallpapers in /usr/share/backgrounds. Use images from either location, Puppy doesn't care.

Menu>Desktop>JWM Configuration
This theme manager "controls the behavior and appearance of the windows and the tray" (thanks for spellin' it out for me there help screen!) When this app starts we find ourselves looking at the JWM tab. Selecting the Choose a JWM theme button allows us to select a theme for window borders and taskbar. Try them out.

Next time we'll cover icon sets, GTK themes, and that oh-so-nifty clock on the right hand margin.

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