24 January, 2010

A matter of trust

It's been a little over two weeks now since I first booted up my new Puppy Live CD. In that time I've had to re-install system more times than I can count. Heaven knows I can't blame the OS for all - or even most - of them. And there was variety in the mix with problems coming from a number of directions.

  1. USB Flash frequently decided to stop booting.
  2. .PET installations went awry.
  3. Power failures screwed up X (remember to LOOK at the power meter Tim!)
  4. Crash during normal shut-down.
I blame the USB failures on Bill Gates. The stick I was using came from a Bill & Melinda Gates library conference I attended. The power failures I blame on yours truly (see above). The .PET installs were my own fault. I didn't really need to install that application (and truthfully a more competent user could have probably worked around the problems). This only leaves one unexplained crash during normal shutdown (and that could have resulted from some muckin' about that I can't recall now). Bottom line: I really can't blame the distro for any of these woes.

Unfortunately though, this realization has done nothing to let me trust Puppy with my data at this point. I practice multiple redundancy with my important docs anyway, but until this dog and I come to an understanding, I won't be able to view this OS as anything more than a curiosity - a toy. But damn it if it aint fast and pretty and fun!

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