20 January, 2010

Just like that?

Why walk out on a perfectly 'happy' relationship with Windows XP? For me, it was the promise of speed. There I was one week ago, head cradled in my hands, waiting for my XP desktop to conclude some basic process (was I ZIPing a file?). Waiting... waiting... I was used to it by now. Not the wait, no, but the way it made me mad every-damn-time!

Later on that night - had I finished ZIPing or had I just hit the big red
X that "speeds up" my operations? - I stumbled upon the Puppy Linux home page. It promised speed, reliability, and Ease of Use. What's more, I could boot it from my flash drive? Where did I sign up?

This blog is going to be about my adventures with my Puppy Linux distro. "Timmy and his Puppy" if you must. It's NOT going to be my quest to become a super-user. I'm a Noob today and I intend to be a Noob years from now. While I freely admit to being an elitist, nerdy, schmuck, I got stuff to do and I want to see if I can get things done with Linux but WITHOUT a PhD. So far it looks that the folks who develop Puppy are gonna let me do that.

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