31 January, 2010

Good Puppy! / Bad Puppy!

Nearly three weeks now since my first experience with Puppy (or any Linux for that matter) and I thought it might be helpful to you to know some of the things that work really well versus things that... don't.

  • Abiword- reads and writes my existing Open Office files, Word files, and Works files correctly (some formatting is a bit off) and does everything I need in its native format.
  • Gnumeric- no problems handling my existing Open Office sheets.
  • ROX File Manager- More powerful than Winblows File Manager. While some operations are not immediately intuitive, they become obvious once you're aware of them.
  • PET Pacages- This is a clever system that makes software install painless for novices just learning Puppy's Non-Windownian file system.
  • GIMP Image Editor- Download this PET package. GIMP is a sturdy, full featured, image manipulation suite for any ability level.
  • SeaMonkey Web Applications- This Mozilla bundle takes the place of FireFox and Thunderbird. Upgrade to the latest version asap. Functionally, I am content with it and see no need to migrate to FireFox.
  • Transmission Client- An easy to install and use Torrent client.
  • Puppy's Verbose Nature- Not a software package. This was the first thing that struck me about this OS. Barry Kauler and the Development Team love paragraph length prompts that actually explain what's going on to the novice! If your new to Linux, READ THEM even if you think you know what's goin on as they contain lots of insight into Puppy's workings. Add to this a sea of online tutorial and manual guidance and there's no reason to stay a Noob for long!
  • X Windows can be unforgiving. DO NOT HAVE A POWERFAILURE. Pay close attention to battery life as it seems Puppy sucks up more juice than Winblows. X will not be happy with you for abnormal termination.
  • Gxine- Basically "Puppy Media Player" works eventually... most of the time... maybe.
  • Mplayer- Gxine substitute. Wound up reinstalling Puppy after attempting to install this app, three times. BEWARE!
  • Pwidgets, Conky, Pet Maker
Please remember that any problems I have had on my system in no way imply an overall disfunctionality of any part of Puppy. It takes alot to get EVERYTHING working on EVERY hardware and any problems I have may simply be these sorts of compatibility issues. BUT HEAR THIS: EVERYTHING on my system worked FROM THE GET-GO with my first boot of the Live CD and that is no mean feet! Somebody deserves a cookie for that!

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